Welcome to the homepage of The ULTREIA Choir!!

The Ultreia Choir started in 1996. Its members come from different parts of the town Kristianstad, in the south of Sweden, and has about 50 members, women and men.

The repertoire is mainly Gospel, traditional as well as modern.

During the years, there has been other music styles on the repertoire as well.

The choir gives several concerts every year, in churches as well as in other settings. One Spring Concert and one Christmas Concert is tradition. The choir has also had a couple of opportunities to perform in major concerts with national famous artists.

Conductor: Jonas Svensson

Ultreia Gospel Choir on myspace!
You can know find Ultreia Gospel Choir not only on their website but also on the community site, Myspace. Where you can listen to our music, look at pictures and much, much more.

The site will be going thru some minor changes and updates the coming days, but not to worry. If the site shouldn't work as it should, just check back in 10 - 20 minutes, its probably just me doing some minor changes. Best regards/Håkan

See our updated Media library for a sample of Swedish gospel at its best!

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